Lesser Reedmace 9cm Pot (Typha angustifolia)

Typha angustifolia. Found in shallow water e.g. pond margins. Not recommended for small ponds, invasive, so good for lakeside etc. Flowers: June – Aug. Height: 50 – 150 cm Zone BC

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Typha angustifolia also known as lesser bulrush or narrowleaf cattail. Several parts of the plant are edible, including during various seasons the dormant sprouts on roots and bases of leaves, the inner core of the stalk, green bloom spikes, ripe pollen, and starchy roots. The stems and leaves have many uses, they make a good thatch, can be used in making paper, can be woven into mats, chairs, hats etc. They are a good source of biomass, making an excellent addition to the compost heap or used as a source of fuel.