Lesser Celandine bulbs (Ranunculus ficaria): Available now

Ranunculus ficaria P Heart shaped dark green leaves, glossy yellow flowers. 5-15 cm March-May. Dispatched in the Autumn. Order year round. (Also available for dispatch in the Spring – Here)

These bulbs were grown in the UK from cultivated stock. All bulbs come with planting instructions.


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25 - 99£0.4400 Price Per Bulb
100 - 0£0.3200 Price Per Bulb



Synonym: Ficaria verna. Also known as Pilewort, it prefers bare damp ground it is a perennial plant growing is woodlands and some open areas – hedgerows and shady areas, Flowers in March-May with bright yellow flowers.

Lesser Celandine will thrive in shade, partial shade or areas on shady banks. They don’t do well where sites are grazed or mown often.

Plant the bulb about 4-5 cm below the surface. Choose a site which will remain damp during the summer as if the soil does dry out, the plant may not have sufficient moisture to build up the bulbils for flowering the following year.







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