Lawn Chamomile Seed Packet 0.2g (Chamaemelum Nobile)(approx 1200 seeds)

Chamaemelum Nobile P. A pleasantly aromatic plant with small, white, daisy-like flowers. Flowers:June-August. Requires: Sunny position with well-drained soil. Height: 30cm.


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Also known under the synonym Anthemis nobilis, common names include Roman chamomile, English chamomile, garden chamomile, ground apple, low chamomile, mother’s daisy or whig plant and camomile. Roman chamomile is known as a medicinal plant from the middle ages.  The European cultivation of the plant started in England in the 16th century. The plant was listed first in the pharmacopoeia of Würtenberg as a carminative, painkiller, diuretic and digestive aid.