Large Flowering Mixed Crocus in the Green

A mix of large-flowered crocus species. 12cm tall and flowering March – April. These bulbs prefer a position in full sun.

Dispatched freshly lifted, when the bulbs are in active growth in the spring. Non Native Order year round.


Please note: If ordered with other ‘bulbs in the green’ species that indicate another delivery date but will be ready shortly, then your order could be held until all species are available.

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Shades of purple, lilac-blue, striped, orange and white make up this lush mix of goblet-shaped flowers that appear in March and April above slender, strap-shaped leaves. These vigorous Dutch bulbs are fast growing and like gritty, poor to moderately fertile well drained soil in full sun.

Plant them about 8cm deep or 3 inches, Bulb size 7/8


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