Herb Robert seed Packet 1g (Geranium robertianum) (approx 800 Seeds)

Geranium robertianumA. Fern-like leaves and pink flowers, the whole plant is strong smelling. Looks good growing on walls. Flowers: April on. Requires: Shade/part shade Height: 15 – 35cm.

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Commonly known as herb-Robert, red robin, death come quickly, storksbill, fox geranium, stinking Bob, squinter-pip (Shropshire), crow’s foot, In traditional herbalism, herb Robert was used as a remedy for toothache and nosebleeds and as a vulnerary (used for or useful in healing wounds). The name has been explained as a reference to abbot and herbalist Robert of Molesme. Freshly picked leaves have an odor resembling burning tires when crushed, and if they are rubbed on the body the smell is said to repel mosquitoes