Hedging Collection A Wildlife Garden

Bareroot hedging plants generally 60 – 80cm in height, delivered late November till march.

Allow 4 plants per metre if planting a single row and 6 plants per metre for a double (staggered) row.

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Wildlife Garden Collection

This mix of hedging was suggested by Chris Baines in his Wildlife Garden Book.


76% Hawthorn

14% Field Maple

2% Wild Cherry

2% Wild Privet

2% Holly

2% Dog Rose

2% Dogwood


All the components of a wildlife hedge can be chopped back in the winter (or coppiced). This is recommended every 2nd or 3rd year, not every year. This will allow the hedge to realise full potential and provide an abundance of fresh leaf colour and form in early spring flowers, berries etc in summer and autumn leaf colour. It will be a haven for wildlife.