Harebell plugs (Campanula rotundifolia)

Campanula rotundifolia P. A well-loved wild flower also known as Scottish Bluebell. Dainty blue bells which attract bees Recommended for the rockery. Flowers: July on. Requires: Sun and dry sandy soil. Height: 15-45cm.

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Campanula Rotundifoila or Harebell is also known in  Scotland as the bluebell. Elsewhere in Britain, bluebell refers to Hyacinthoides non-scripta,  Campanula rotundifolia was historically also known by several other names including blawort, hair-bell, lady’s thimble, witch’s bells, and witch’s thimbles. Harebells are native to dry, nutrient-poor grassland and heaths in Britain. The flowers usually have five (occasionally 4, 6 or 7) pale to mid violet-blue petals fused together into a bell shape.