Fox and Cubs Seed Packet 0.1g (Pilosella aurantiaca) (approx 420 seeds)

Hieracium aurantiacum P. An attractive plant with orange-red flowers in clusters, good rockery subject. Flowers: June-Sept Requires: Full sun. Height: 15-30cm.


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Known as Hieracium aurantiacum and as Orange Hawkbit, devils paintbrush and grim the collier , Widely grown as an ornamental plant in gardens for its very decorative flowers. often used in wildflower gardens due to its bright orange flowers being highly attractive to a wide array of pollinators, the flowers are orange, almost red, which is virtually invisible to bees, yet they also reflect ultraviolet light, increasing their conspicuousness to pollinators. The name of ‘Fox-and-Cubs’ refers to the way that many of the as-yet un-opened flower heads hide beneath those that have opened. The seed-head of orange hawkweed is both smaller and coarser than that of the dandelion, to which it is related.