English Stonecrop 9cm pot (Sedum anglicum)

Sedum Anglicum  P. Low growing Perennial often with green alternate leaves turning red/pink in dry conditions, White/Pink star like flowers, Flowers June-September,  can be used for dry roof as they spread to form a carpet. Grows in height up to 5cm

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Sedum anglicum is a low-growing perennial with stubby, succulent, untoothed, alternate leaves. These are often greyish-green, and may turn pink in dry conditions. The flowers are short-stalked and star-like, white (sometimes tinged pink), with ten contrasting stamens and five carpels. It is usually found on dry rocks, walls and sand dunes, often near the sea. It prefers thin, acidic soils and thrives in rock crevices and on cliffs, and also grows inland on walls and hedge banks