Dyers Greenweed 9cm pot (Genista tinctoria)

Genista tinctoria P also known as Dyer’s Broom also looks Like a small leafy broom. Deep yellow pea flower, Likes Sun. Can grow to 24-35 inches and 39 inches wide



Dyer’s greenweed or Dyer’s broom can also be known as Dyers whin, waxen woad and Waxen wood. The seed can be used as a possible coffee substitute and the flower buds are sometimes pickled as a alternative to capers. A very good quality yellow dye is obtained from the whole plant, but especially from the flowers and young shoots[. It produces a very good quality green when mixed with woad (Isatis tinctoria). Alum, cream of tartar and sulphate of lime are used to fix the colour. The stems can be dried and stored until the dye is required.