Dwarf Comfrey 9cm Pot (Symphytum ibericum)

symphytum grandiflorum or Symphytum ibericum Dwarf/creeping Comfrey is very easy to grow and can spread to 1m

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Dwarf Comfrey can also be known as Creeping Comfrey (symphytum grandiflorum) as the name suggests this is a shorter variety reaching only 30cm high but it will spread up to 1m,  It has a myriad of uses,  The burnt-orange buds which appear in spring and summer, open to bell-shaped flowers which are creamy-yellow.

This variety is not as tall as some of the others and is useful as ground-cover between shrubs, making a weed-proof cluster of rough-textured green leaves,  This hardy perennial will flourish in almost any soil type and situation, and as it is such a vigorous plant, it needs very little encouragement to grow well.

To encourage a second flush of flowers and rejuvenate the foliage, prune the plants hard to the ground after flowering and feed with a liquid feed. They are adored by bees and butterflies so they are great plants if you make honey or want to have lots of wildlife in your garden.