Cyperus Sedge Seed Packet 0.5g (Carex pseudocyperus)(approx 400 seeds)

Carex pseudocyperus also Known as Hop Sedge P. Attractive bright yellow – green tufted sedge, drooping sausage shaped flowers. Flowers: May-June. Requires: Pond side. Height: 60 – 90 cm.

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Cyperus sedge can grow to around four feet tall. It has glossy, bright, yellowish green leaves that are thin, pointed and ribbed. From amongst the leaves a ‘flower’ spike emerges and in July or August upon which four or five large catkin-like flowers develop, each on the end of its own thin stalk. These ‘flowers’ are the female flowers and are quite large and furry and dangle downwards. The top-most flower on the plant is the male flower which is thinner and more pointed. The male flowers being above the female flowers enables self-pollination but, in general, the pollen needed comes in on the breeze from neighbouring plants. The large, dangling female flowers give the plant its other name, the hop sedge.