Common Fleabane 9cm pots (Pulicaria dysenterica)

Pulicaria dysenterica P Daisy like golden yellow flowers about 1.91 cm across. Damp preferred. 20-60 cm July-September.

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Common Fleabane is often found on the banks of streams, as it has a preference for marshy or at least permanently damp soil. grows to a height of 50 to 90 cm and has downy stems and very downy wavy-edged Lanceolate leaves. The narrow linear rays and the disc florets are golden yellow and form compound flower heads. grows best in wet marshy ground. It is ideal for a garden pond edge or bog garden where the plants will attract a wide range of insect life such as bees, dragonflies and damselflies. Common Fleabane grows to medium height and produces cheery yellow flowers that appear from July to September

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