Cotton Grass Bareroot (Eriophorum angustifolium)

Eriophorum augustifolium.  Size will be equivalent to 80ml superplug or larger. A low growing perennial grass. Cotton like heads on long stalks Found on swamps/bogs in acid soils. Flowers: April – May. Height: 15 – 60 cm Zone B

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Also known as Common Cottage Sedge,  it grows on peat or acidic soils, in open wetland, heath or moorland. It begins to flower in April or May and, after fertilisation in early summer, the small, unremarkable brown and green flowers develop distinctive white bristle-like seed-heads that resemble tufts of cotton; combined with its ecological suitability to bog, these characteristics give rise to the plant’s alternative name, bog cotton. Can be cultivated as a low-maintenance wildflower, suitable for meadows, ponds margins or bog gardens.