Common Catsear seed Packet 1.2g (Hypochaeris radicata)(Approx 1200 Seeds)

Hypochaeris radicata P. A good meadow component with rich yellow flowers and dandelion-like seed heads. Flowers: May to September. Requires: Sun/Part shade Height: 30-45cm.


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Catsear also known as  flatweed, cat’s-ear, hairy cat’s ear or false dandelion, Catsear is derived from the words cat’s ear, and refers to the shape and fine hair on the leaves resembling that of the ear of a cat. All parts of the catsear plant are edible; however, the leaves and roots are those most often harvested. The leaves are bland in taste but can be eaten raw in salads, steamed, or used in stir-fries. Older leaves can become tough and fibrous, but younger leaves are suitable for consumption. In contrast to the edible leaves of dandelion, catsear leaves only rarely have some bitterness. The root can be roasted and ground to form a coffee substitute.