Columbine Seed Packet 0.5 g (Aquilegia vulgaris) (approx 300 seeds)

Aquilegia vulgaris P. A woodland or open border plant also known as Grannys Bonnets. Grey-green leaves with lovely blue, pink or white Flowers: May to July. Requires: Semi-shade and well-drained soil. Height: 60-90cm.


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Known as European columbine, common columbine, granny’s nightcap, granny’s bonnet, flowers in various shades of purple, blue, pink and white. In traditional herbalism columbine was considered sacred to Venus; carrying a posy of it was said to arouse the affections of a loved one. In modern herbal medicine it is used as an astringent and diuretic.

Often this species needs to be planted just before the frost or needs a long period of cold for Stratification, so its seed dormancy can be overcome.