Naturescape endeavours to hold stocks of species, potted as 7cm and/or 9cm, at any given time.

However, for practical reasons, there are limitations and customers requiring relatively large numbers of plants are strongly advised to order:-
a) July/August for Autumn Planting
b) March/April for May/June Planting
c) June/July for Late Summer Planting

By Ordering Forward
1) We can guarantee supply on a specified date
2) Plants can be selected and supplied as large super plugs
3) Discounts on large orders are available
4) Delivery by overnight carrier or pallet at an extra cost.

We can also supply specimen plants in 2l and 3l pots, give enough time of about 5-6months, these would be suitable for demonstrations, shows and exhibitions and by contacting us well in advance of a delivery date, such plants will have time to reach their full potential.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to obtain a quote;

Phone 01949 860592